Notation of Ekmelic Music

After Franz Richter Herf and Rolf Maedel, as well as after Ezra Sims, the conventional notation is completed by three additional signs (arrows) and their inversions for the degrees within the semitone.

   +1/12 +1/6 +1/4  −1/4 −1/6 −1/12   Alteration, tone fraction
 016⅔33⅓5066⅔83⅓100 Distance in cents tempered
91⅔--8⅓--25--41⅔--58⅓--75--91⅔--108⅓Reach of hearing in cents tempered
            Richter Herf / Maedel
             Sims

The additional signs apply to the respective measure, just like the conventional accidentals.

In case of Richter Herf / Maedel, these signs are placed above the notes and a diagonal slash cancels them. However, together with chords, bent arrows are used for better legibility; for example:

Chord 10 : 13 : 22

Further Notations