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The scores are available as PDF files. They were generated with LilyPond and the extension Ekmelily. 1 The corresponding LilyPond input file is also available and can be used to generate scores in other notation styles (i.e. with other accidental symbols). The scores also include links to the Ekmelic Player, each with a corresponding tone sequence (intonation exercise).

NAME-arrow-de.pdf Score in the Arrow notation (arrow), German
NAME-arrow-en.pdf dito, English
NAME-rhm-de.pdf Score in the Richter Herf / Maedel notation (rhm), German
NAME-rhm-en.pdf dito, English
NAME-sims-de.pdf Score in the Sims notation (sims), German
NAME-sims-en.pdf dito, English
NAME-sag-de.pdf Score in the Sagittal notation (sag), German
NAME-sag-en.pdf dito, English LilyPond input file
  1. These scores also need the two include-files ekmecoll.ily and polyglot.ily which can be found in the folder Ekmelily / other.